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Also beware...some of these memes include swearing or yaoi, so viewer discretion is advised!

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(idk about you but this is totally me as a mom! x4)


(This is so true though like...who could hate Kaoru?!)

(LOL! I love the things Kuro comes up with x4)

(She is so supportive ;^;)

(guess I'm a guy then x4)

(Never let anybody bully you for liking Cinderella!!! Also...Are Kaoru and Hikaru here actually fighting 0.o? I hope it's just another act!)

(duhhh the carriage! x4)

(this is SO cute I squealed when Kuro showed me this...Kaorella needs more love!)

(sounds like Kaoru in episode 21, LOL!)

(This really makes me wish Kaoru was a Disney princess...Disney/Ouran crossover anyone?!)

(could you imagine!? I'd faint!)

(haruhi was SCARED!!!! x4)

(we have no like button so you know what you gotta do...repost for cinderella!!!!)

(he's so innocent x4)

(wooow x4 do you guys think Haruhi would be vegan??? she loves fancy tuna so probably not lol)

(do you guys think this is true!?!?)


(Hehe, I made this one!! I think my editing skills are pretty good :3)

(So CUTE!! I really think Tamaki and Kyouya could have had something...)

(BWAHAHAHA!! Woooow x44)

(Submitted by: Zephyr)
(OMG x4 This is so funny!! Thank you for the submission!)

(I appreciate Ouran tried to include Cinderella but this was just...nope.)

(OMG x4 can you imagine??? btw Kuro made another version that ACTUALLY had Honey in it here x4 that'd be one crackship!!)

(LOL!! Well it's just cuz he loves her x3)


(Submitted by: Shi-chan)
(Shi-chan: i love cinderella... ive luved it for a long time.. like i relate to her SO much.. so i drew her in a show that i like.. i dont think anyone knows it.. yeah.. XD)
(WOW!!! THis is SO cute, Shi-chan! Also don't worry...Ouran is pretty well known ;) thank you for the fan art!)

(Submitted by: Anon x3)
(Anon x3: base from deviantart)

(Submitted by: Sandalxxx)
(Sandalxxx: I drew some cute art of the Ouran twins i Hoope you like it. I spent a long time on it hehe i bet they smell :3)
(Woowww xD so silly!!! reminds me of icarly kinda (I always thought icarly would work as an anime...))

(Submitted by: Duskfalls)
(Duskfalls: i drew a pumpkin :3)
(SO CYUUUTE!!!! even though kaoru doesn't want the carriage to turn back into a pumpkin, this one is soo cute!!)

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