May. 11th, 2023

DID YOU GUYS HEAR THE NEWS!? Or I guess...SEE the news, but....PLUSHIES!!?? Yes! GoodSmile is also producing OURAN PLUSHIES!!! Ouran has had official plushies before, but it has been so long...So far, we have Kyouya, Tamaki, and Haruhi. I hope the twins get one!! We NEED a Kaoru plushie...

Apr. 20th, 2023

SOOO sorry for the lack of updates, guys! Oh mah gawsh, I've just been SO busy...we had this HUGE chem test I was studying FOREVER on!!! Mom said if I didn't get at least a B, I'd have my computer time limited D:< WTF!?? sorry for my language...any ways I come bringing more news on the Ouran nendoroids! I don't know when these photos were released or by who...I assume GoodSmile themselves...but lookie! All three of them, colored! They fixed Tamaki's eye color too! Although, honestly......was kind of attatched to the brown. Oh well!

Some image and reviews are coming soon, so stay turned for that!

Feb. 11th, 2023

Did you hear!? GoodSmile announced Ouran NENDOROIDS!!! They will be produced by Orange Rouge under GoodSmile. Isn't that so exciting!? So far, we only have concept art for Haruhi and Kyouya, as well as a prototype for Tamaki (why are his eyes brown!? x4) but oh my gosh...does this mean there might be a reboot coming out soon??? Insane to think about!!! Also, will they be the only ones to get nendoroids? I hope Kaoru gets one...

Feb. 3rd, 2023

hello, cinderella fans... this might come as a bit of a shock, but i really like dolls despite them being so girly.. dolls are suuper sugoi, no matter what my dumbass classmates think... As such, i keep up to date with the latest doll news. could you believe my face when i saw this upcoming collaboration between disney and creativesoul? (°ロ°)

this absolutely stunning doll released on feb 3rd! this doll is a new take on disney's cinderella, and well, i think she's sooo kawaii! she wears this gorgeous gown in her signature aoi(japanese for blue) with gold and silver accents, and my favorite piece is definitely her carriage themed purse. How cool is that?! (〃^▽^〃)

for the doll itself.. she's quite pretty, too. she has fine articulation, and a very pretty face... a bishoujo for sure (。・ω・。) dolls aren't just for girls! (even though i AM one.) and it doesn't make me any less pained.

personally, i think this doll is a wonderful homage to cinderella... i'd KILL to have that purse in real life!(≧o≦) So that was my quick overview on this utsukushii doll...hoping to see more cinderella dolls in the near future! sayonara til next time, or whatever (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Jan. 2nd, 2023

Hello!! It's Rayne here with our first ever news post!! Nothing to report as of yet...we aim to keep you all updated on the newest happenings in the Ouran and Cinderella communities! Not much to say other than that ^u^

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