Chevrolet | A Ride For Cinderella (1937)

Reviewer: Rayne

Shock! "A Coach For Cinderella" has a sequel! And it is...interesting? Somehow more yet less connected to the Cinderella fairytale. Cinderella does indeed go to the ball to meet the prince, however her step sisters know she is under the influence of some sort of magic that will wear off before midnight...but even when midnight comes, Cinderella doesn't lose her stuff. Actually, this gives me a good time to talk about something related to this.

I have noticed, both in movies and shorts alike, that sometimes the phrasing is a little different. It is not "get home before midnight because the magic will wear off", sometimes it's "get home before midnight or else the magic will wear off", implying if Cinderella goes home before 12, she gets to keep everything! I've seen this wording multiple times and this is one of the few that actually follow through with this assumption. Is there some version of Cinderella I don't know of where the rules for the spell are different!?

Anywayz, Cinderella does indeed get home before midnight in her Chevrolet. Her sisters try to get a witch to curse her so she doesn't make it, but her car withstands the bad weather. The prince finds her and they get married. Interesting!

Adaptation: 2
Animation: 9
Writing: 5
Enjoyability: 7

This short gets...

6 carriages out of 10!

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