Goodtimes Entertainment | Cinderella (1994)

Reviewer: Kuro

goodtimes entertainments Cinderella may seem like little more than a quick cashgrab at first, but i believe there is some charm hidden inside >w< to my knowledge, this movie was direct to dv.d... i remember seeing these on shelves as a kid... Jeez, makes me sad (ó﹏ò。)

some unique things in this iteration of cinderella is that the prince is a cute anime boy, which was a real treat! Also, the songs are so kyuuute in this! no meaningless little mice, either :D

However, the animation is pretty cheap at times, especially compared to other beautiful anime like Ouran Koukou Host club and Kuroshisuji ('A`)

i cant believe cinderella forgived everyone at the end... if i was her, i would have executed them all (o≧▽゚)o

Adaptation: 8
Animation: 6
Writing: 7
Enjoyability: 7

This movie gets...

7 carriages out of 10!

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