Nippon Columbia | シンデレラ (1993)

Reviewer: Rayne

シンデレラ, literally just "Cinderella", is a somewhat obscure Cinderella VHS released only in Japan by Nippon Columbia. There's really not much info on this VHS! It was released as the 5th installment into the 心をはぐくむ名作アニメシリーズ, which translates as "Heartwarming animated classics series". Anyways...I LOVE this film so much!!! It is listed as my FAVORITE Cinderella film because it's so darn cute!! The art style is adorable, the music is adorable!! >u< It is technically not a "film" since it is only around 20 minutes long, but it is the BEST film in my heart!!!

The story is the exact same as the original Charles Perrault story, perhaps closer than the Disney Cinderella due to only focusing on Cinderella. ALSO! The evil step sisters in this film are...IDENTICAL TWINS!! WITH ORANGE HAIR!! I freaked out so much...Isn't that just hilarious?? I bet Kaoru has seen this movie a hundred times just for that!! x4 But anyways...I think the only weird part about this film is how the step sisters and step mother suddenly become nice to Cinderella after they find out she's the person who danced with the prince. Like, if they were ACTING nice to get on Cinderella's good side, maybe, but the film frames it as like totally genuine! It's confusing and seems very out of place. They don't get any justice for what they did to Cinderella either :( confusing!

Well, other than that...everything else was basically perfect. Such a great little watch!

Adaptation: 10
Animation: 7
Writing: 7
Enjoyability: 9

This movie gets...

8 carriages out of 10!

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