This page is exactly what is sounds like...Cinderella movie reviews! Myself, Kuro, and Raven all get together to watch Cinderella movies regularly. We aim to watch them all!! So this will be a review page for every Cinderella movie we have seen...Keep in mind I'm the most active member of this site, so you'll see my reviews the most, but I will add in Kuro and Raven when they have time to write theirs!! (School makes it hard to get reviews out consistantly, plz be patient! Arigatou~)

The movies will get a %/10 carriage rating. How they are ranked is based on a calulation of these stats:
Adaptation: how true is to to the Cinderella story? Since the Cinderella story has changed over many years, this category is lose and does not need to be taken literally. To be considered a "Cinderella" story, the core basic needs to be: a character abused by those around her who, through slim chance/miracle, meets the person she loves and escapes her abuse. The closer it is to fulfilling the essence of Cinderella, the higher it scores.
Design/Animation: this changes depending if it's animated or live action. Basically, how good does it look? Is the acting good?
Writing: was the movie well-written? Was each minute used effectively? Does the story make sense? Flow well?
Enjoyability: the most subjective tier. Was the movie personally enjoyable for the reviewer?

With a %/10 for each category, the highest a film can get is 10/10/10/10, which is a total of 40. To calculate this into a final score of %/10, we will divide the sum of each category by 40. The higher the result, the higher the score. For example, 10/10/10/10 = 40. Dividing this by 40, we get 1, which is the highest we can go, giving us a 10/10. A 5/6/2/3 for example, divided by 40, will give us 0.4, which is a 4/10.

There will be .5 scores (e.g. 4.5) And scores will be rounded. (.01 - .03 are rounded down, .04 - .06 are rounded to .5, .07 and higher is rounded up. Example: 0.625 is rounded down to 6. 0.675 is rounded up to 7. 0.645 or 0.665 is rounded up/down to 6.5.)

Finally, here is our general scale:

This movie, as a Cinderella movie and as a normal movie, is terrible. [1/10]

This movie, as a Cinderella movie and as a normal movie, is average. [5/10]

This movie, as a Cinderella movie and as a normal movie, excels in everything!! [10/10]


Live Action


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